lindy hop – swing,

Rockabilly jive


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We teach Lindy Hop classes, Charleston, only jazz , Rock&Roll Jive, in limited groups in Jerez de la Frontera and El Puerto de Santa María where technique and practice go together so that learning is easy and very fun

Lindy Hop

It is a couple dance that is danced with Swing music, nation in Harlem (NY), it's fun, with many variations, sometimes you can even dance alone coordinated with the couple.



The Charleston was born in the early years 20 , his dynamic style, spectacular and fun identifies with the “roaring 20s”. We can dance it both as a couple or alone.


only jazz

They are classic steps, many taken from previous dances where the most important thing is improvisation and the connection with the music., You can form a choreo where you dance without the need for a partner

Rock and Roll Jive

Based on Rockabilly music, Jive is a couple dance, developed in the years 50 In England, create an energetic dance, funny and with a lot of feeling.


Classic Blues, Delta Blues, Piedmont Blues, Chicago Blues, Latin Blues y Funky Blues. Music and dance born among African Americans since the 20, and that continue to this day

just blues

Let's dance the blues individually, using individual steps, like Just Jazz, sometimes you dance in a group choreographies.

We organize social dances
to practice and enjoy dancing

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intensive workshops, regular classes, social dances, clandestine and much more… to not stop dancing

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