We open group!!!!
The day 2 de febrero comenzamos clases dé Rockabilly Jive en The Port of Santa Maria!!
They will be on Fridays at 20,00 h, one hour of more practical classes !!! Place: The Social Club
Preferable to sign up as a couple, although if you don't have one, no problem, we will try to find one for you. ☺️
Cheer up and sign up !!!! Write us a Whatsapp at 678578929 o 625369371 and we inform you

Limited places, prior registration is essential


What will you learn in our course?

✅ Rockabilly Jive Principles: Right from the start, basic movements, follow the musical rhythm and the connection with your partner.
✅ Steps and turns: You will learn a variety of steps and turns to create unique dances on the dance floor.
✅ Leader and follower techniques: Discover how to communicate effectively with your dance partner for a smooth and fun experience.
✅ Style and personal expression: Add your own touch of style and personality when dancing the Rockabilly Jive.


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