¡¡Ya está aquí la tercera edición del ViSwinGo!!

Este año Sonia y Héctor vuelven a hacernos un hueco en su apretada agenda internacional y se suman a ellos Álex y Nuria, dos reconocidos profesores de Barcelona e integrantes de varias compañías de baile como los “Barcelona SwingMachines” formación que acompaña a la Barcelona Jazz Orchestra (BJO), y las “White Chocolates”. entre otras.

¡¡Reservad fechas para volver a disfrutar del swing como nunca: clases, tasters, fiestas, furanchada, profesores internacionales, música en directo y sobre todo muy buen rollo!!

Atentos a las novedades, más información:



English Version

Enjoy the third edition of ViSwinGo Festival from 29th juny to 1st july in Vigo. International teachers of Authentic Jazz and Lindy Hop: Sonia Ortega, Hector Artal, Nuria Bonet y Alex Más.

Save the date to enjoy a summer weekend plenty of swing, dance, classes and live music in a great coast city!

Familiar Festival
Enjoy dancing swing in a such a great atmosphere, that it doesn’t matter what your level is. And the most important thing is enjoy dancing without a crowded atmosphere.

Quality Instruction
Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz classes with international teachers in small sized groups for a more personal focus and getting feedback with the teachers.

Parties and activities
Each night dance with the best live swing bands in a wonderful dancefloor. On sunday we repeat the Furanchada as the last edition to say goodbye the festival, with the last outdoor social dance! And this year we will have a final suprise! 😉


Lindy Hop Levels:

Fats Waller (1 year to 2 years and a half dancing)
You have been taking regular classes for one year or more. You know all the basics in Lindy Hop and you like to go out dancing as much as you can. The most that you love of social dance is the musicality and the connection with you partner. You feel comfortable dancing medium time and often you include some variation.

Cab Calloway (2 years and a half to 4 years dancing)
You are a regular social dancer and you feel comfortable with slow, medium and fast times. The basic are not a problem for you, and you frequently add variations. Adapting different partner or style is not a problem for you, and improvisation and musicality is a essential part of your social dance.

Duke Ellington (more than 4 years dancing)
You are a curious advanced dancer, and the social dance is the moment that you can explore and create new resources. You attend international festivals regularly or you have experience as a Lindy Hop teacher. You are willing to focus on all kind of topics and also willing to rethink what you have learned until now.

Authentic Jazz Levels:

Ella Fitzgerald
You are a Lindy hop dancer or you have had some contact with the Authentic Jazz. You know some steps, but you would like improve your movements and your body expression individually to feel more comfortable dancing in partner.

Billie Holiday
You know the basics steps and the standars routines of Authentic Jazz (shim sham, tranky doo, big apple…)You feel comfortable with medium and fast times and you are looking for new recourses to improve your improvisation dance.

Full Pass – 125€ (110€ Early Bird until 15th April)
4h Lindy Hop
2h Authentic Jazz
2 Tasters
2 Parties Live Music

Lindy Hop Pass – 95€ (available 17th April)
4h Lindy Hop
2 Tasters
2 Parties Live Music

Authentic Jazz Pass – 65€ (available 17th April)
2h Authentic Jazz
2 Tasters
2 Parties Live Music

Party Pass – 20€ (available 15th May)
2 Parties Live Music

All the classes and parties will take place at our school: MayeuSwing: Rúa Areal 138 bajo, 36201-Vigo.
All rooms have wooden floor and air conditioning!

Registration is open:

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