what is blues dance? – 1th part

Blues Dance, the way to dance the blues

Musically, the Blues It is a style that comes from the music of African-American communities in the Mississippi area since the late 19th century..

The Blues, which means sadness or melancholy, greatly influenced popular music of the 20th century, becoming part of genres as well known as rock and roll, country, folk, rithm and blues, bluegrass, funk, heavy metal, hip hop y pop.

This style has evolved from unaccompanied vocal music, performed by poor black workers, to a wide variety of subgenres and styles with regional varieties throughout the United States and, posteriorly, from Europe and West Africa.

El Blues Dance

The blues dance is a generic term for a family of dances that are performed according to the musical structures of the blues. Blues dance is an improvisational dance danced primarily with a partner., you can dance alone or in a group.

It is based on social dance styles created from African and European roots in America between the years 1800 and mid 1900, has grown in parallel with blues music when musicians played and people danced to their songs, currently has undergone a significant evolution in the last 10-15 years.

It's a quieter dance, intimate and intense, that includes slow steps and sensual movements.

Blues Dance, learn to dance blues In this dance there is more room for improvisation , making it a less structured dance style, it is about connecting as much as possible with the roots of African-American music and bringing it to dance alone or with a partner.

Usually in closed position, but also open or separated, dance is enjoyed through hugging and playing with music to express what it makes you feel, great value is placed on individual rhythm and movement.


Although today there is a wide variety of blues dances, each with unique dynamics, the aesthetics, The rhythms, attitudes and gait patterns; share numerous characteristics that allow individuals to stylistically and creatively express music.

Blues Dance Characteristics

  • Asymmetry
  • a balanced posture, flexible, with bent legs and relaxed torso.
  • dance behind the beat
  • Finding the movement within the song
  • Pulse
  • polyrhythms
  • Movement radiating through all parts of the body
  • Center on the ground and towards the ground
  • Call / Answer and Leader / Follower
  • Emotion


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